Soulver 3.1
Major Update
The most significant new features are:
Create and edit Soulver files (.slvr) in place.
  • The integrated sheets manager is a convenient default for most users, but it is also helpful to be able to save and edit Soulver files in the traditional way in Finder too. Go to
    File > New > External Document
    to make a new external soulver document.
Default formatting options.
  • You can now set your preferred default formatting options for answers. Go to
    Edit > Tweak Engine… > Answers
    . This is helpful if you want to always turn notation off by default or set a different default precision. You can always override the defaults for a line by setting any formatting option manually, either through the
    Line > Formatting Options
    menu, or in the line's contextual menu.
Fraction support
  • This update brings a new formatting option:
    Fractionize where possible
    . The default is off, but when you turn this on for a line (or in the default formatting options), then Soulver will convert your answer into a fraction when it makes sense to do so. For example,
    will be formatted as
    1 3/4