Soulver 3.2.3
Minor improvements:
  • You can now omit the "to/as" in unit conversions. I.e: "10 USD CAD" will now work
  • In addition & subtraction with mixed units, where the units share a common base unit, the answer will now be in terms of the larger unit rather than the last unit. I.e "10 km + 100 m" (= 10.1 km)
  • Added support for numbers in scientific notation "e" syntax . I.e: "1e3" (= 1,000)
Bug fixes:
This version fixes the following issues:
  • A bug where the results of certain feet/inch calculations were being formatted incorrectly
  • A bug where you could not successfully enter dot separated dates with the Western European region settings, while automatic thousands separator insertion was enabled
  • A bug where variables with units were not being recognized in certain phrase functions
  • An issue that affected currencies expressed with both a symbol and a code (i.e '$100 USD', where $ could refer to another currency in your region, like AUD/CAD/NZD)
  • An issue where variable declarations with units of currency will no longer be rounded to 2 dp