Soulver 3.4.1
Minor Update
Calendar Calculations
New calendar calculation phrases for getting points in time in the past:
  • "3 days before March 12", "3 weeks before today"
  • "3 weeks ago", "3 hours 15 minutes ago"
Other Improvements
  • Function phrases are now case-insensitive
  • You can now use time units other than years in financial functions
  • You can now convert booleans to numbers ("true as number" (= 1), "false as number" (= 0))
  • Common dollar prefixes are now supported as currency aliases (US$, NZ$, C$, A$, S$, NT$, HK$)
  • Added a simplified Chinese localization (thanks Adam!)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with variables not being recognized as part of financial phrase functions
  • Fixed an issue with date interval calculations that span multiple months
  • Fixed an issue with "Open Quickly" & long sheets not being correctly indexed