Soulver 3.4.3
Minor Update
  • URLs are now detected in expressions
  • Minor visual improvements to the main window & preferences
  • Added a url to append text to an existing sheet ('append-line'. It requires an 'expression' to append, and a sheet 'id')
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with month names alongside negative unit expressions (thanks Chuck!)
  • Fixed an issue with custom temperature units not working correctly (thanks Miklos!)
  • Fixed an issue with date/time interval calculations after a label (thanks Samat!)
  • Fixed an issue with URLs in comments being incorrectly "beautified" (thanks Christian!)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the QuickSoulver menu bar button from being moved via command-click + drag (thanks Ben!)
  • Fixed a crash related to undo in QuickSoulver (thanks Sebastián!)
  • Fixed an issue with % after a parenthesized expression incorrectly converting to a percent rather than simply applying the percent(thanks Nik!)
  • Fixed an issue with line references in slash comments not appearing correctly when printed
  • Fixed an issue where dates with no year specified would sometimes be interpretted as next year instead of this year