• Added French & Spanish localizations
Soulver 3 is now available for iPad on the App Store.
Major Update
Live Weather
  • Get real-time weather data for most locations on Earth (thanks to  Weather on macOS Ventura)
  • Simply type "weather in (city or airport code)" for the current temperature and weather conditions. Lines with weather queries will live-update during the day
  • You can also query for "temperature/temp", "feels like/apparent temperature", "high" and "low"
  • Weather queries depend on place names already recognized by Soulver (this includes most large cities around the world)
  • You can add additional places for weather queries in the Calculator > Additional Places settings
Sheets & Sync
  • New "Keep on Top" option under the Window menu for sheets
  • Soulver matches the behavior of the Notes app where you can go Window > Open Sheet in New Window and then Window > Keep on Top to make a particular sheet (or Soulver file) always float above other windows on your Mac
  • New option to automatically resolve sync conflicts by selecting the most recently edited version of a sheet
Date & Time Calculations
  • Support for lowercase timezone abbreviations (gmt, aest, pst, etc)
  • A couple of new date calculation functions: "days until April", "days left in March"
  • Dates formatted in ISO8601 are now recognized in expressions
  • "Sept" can now be used to refer to September (in addition to "Sep")
  • "SIN" can be used to refer to Singapore now (in the past this conflicted with the sin() trigonometry function)
  • Added a menu item under the Help menu to reset suppressed warnings
  • You can now suppress the dialog offering to automatically rename variables for you after changing a variable's name
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with auto-complete and variables beginning with "total" (thanks Bill!)
  • Fixed a bug with an incorrectly identified comment in a variable declaration (thanks Russ!)
  • Fixed an issue with the next/last/this weekday function returning inaccurate answers in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where automatic variable renaming was triggering unnecessarily when clicking away from a variable declaration line
  • Fixed a crash that could occur for some users on macOS Ventura 13.1+ after variable renaming
Minor Update
Specifier Shorthands
  • Added some short form specifiers for quicker conversions:
  • Use "num" for number ("35% as num" = 0.35)
  • Use "bin" for binary ("123 as bin" = 0b1111011)
  • Use "iso" for the iso8603 date format ("today as iso" = 2022-11-24T12:00:00+03:00)
  • Your Mac's preferred unit system is now respected in Wolfram|Alpha queries
  • Your preferred number format is now respected in Wolfram|Alpha queries
  • Wolfram|Alpha queries may now be performed in QuickSoulver
  • It can take a few minutes for newly created Wolfram|Alpha AppIDs to be activated. This is now better communicated in Soulver's settings
  • Multi-word variables are now automatically formatted with non-breaking spaces
  • Alfred workflow has been updated and now works with Soulver installed in non-standard locations
  • Some minor bug fixes & various general improvements to the calculation engine
Major Update
Soulver 3 is optimized for macOS 13 Ventura and now requires
macOS Big Sur
or later
System integration
  • New "Calculate with Soulver" action for Shortcuts (macOS 13+)
  • Improved Quick Look previews of Soulver files (macOS 12+)
  • Alfred workflow updated for Alfred 5
Wolfram|Alpha integration
  • Query Wolfram|Alpha directly from Soulver
  • Type a query followed by "= ?", like "distance to the moon = ?"
  • If Wolfram|Alpha knows the answer to your query, the "?" will be replaced with the answer
  • This feature requires some setup in the Settings > Calculator > Wolfram|Alpha pane
General Improvements
  • New help popover
  • Design improvements to the Settings
  • Minor bug fixes
Minor Update
Underscore as Number Separator
  • You may now include underscores inside numbers, such as "1_000_000"
  • And in separating binary and hex numbers: "0xCAFE_F00D", "0b_1100_0001"
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with sub-total selections introduced in 3.6.1
Major Minor Update
  • More easily "comment out" numbers by selecting text and pressing the quotation marks (") key. This will wrap the text in quotation marks the calculator will ignore it.
  • Email addresses are now recognized (in addition to web URLs)
Quick Total
  • The quick total now compresses to the right of the answer column during scrolling: this reduces overlap with other answers
  • Median is supported as a quick statistic
Statistics of Lists
  • Perform statistical operations on lists of lines, like "total of 3, 4, 5 7 and 9" = (28), or "average of 12, 30 and 90" (=44)
  • Supported statistics include sum/total, average/mean, count, and median
Units & Conversions
  • Feet and inches can now be specified using ' and ". For example: 3' 4" + 9' 2" = 12 feet 6 inches
  • Added decimetres unit (dm)
  • Added microgram unit (mcg)
Rounding to Nearest x
  • Added "to nearest (x)" rounding function. Examples:
  • "37 to nearest 10" (= 40)
  • $490 rounded to nearest hundred (= "$500")
  • 2,100 to nearest thousand (= 2,000)
  • Added additional functions for "multiple on" and "multiple off" (in addition to "multiple of"):
  • 100 is what multiple of 50 (= 2x)
  • 50 is what multiple off 100 (= 0.5x)
  • 100 is what multiple on 50 (= 1x)
  • Added an additional conditional syntax with a variable declaration: "profitable = true if income > expenses"
  • "Unless" is now supported in conditionals: "profitable = true unless expenses > income"
  • Support for "and" (&&) and "or" (||): "Overweight = BMI >= 25 and BMI < 30"
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Soulver could sometimes automatically disconnect from iCloud (thanks Sebastian)
  • Fixed an issue with unexpected behaviour when typing Korean characters (thanks Daeok)
  • Fixed an issue with doing business day calculations in parenthesis (thanks Tom)
  • Percentage + number now gives a percentage (rather than a number): 50% + 0.5 = 100%
  • SI symbols for large & small numbers (other than k, M, G and T) are no longer supported (as they were causing confusion)
  • Soulver 3 now requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later
Major Update
iCloud Sync
  • iCloud is now the default location for sheetbooks in new installations of Soulver
  • Global variables, custom units & additional places also sync via iCloud to other Macs
  • Move an existing sheetbook into iCloud using the General preference pane
  • If an existing sheetbook is already stored in iCloud, you will be offered the option of merging the sheetbook from your Mac with it
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where variable value peeking was not working with global variables
  • Fixed an issue with inaccurate rates in global variables defined in currencies other than USD (thanks Johanna)
  • Fixed an issue where numbers with the form "09:05:03 P.M." were being recognised as laptimes rather than timestamps
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash in some rare cases
Minor Update
  • Support for date ranges in the form "March 12-15"
  • Added an additional percentage function: "what percentage change is 10 to 15" (= 50%)
  • Added a "divided by" function: "20 divided by 5" (= 4)
  • Support for the use of "oz" as a synonym for "fluid oz" (rather than only mass) and for "pounds" as a unit of either mass or currency
  • The XPF currency is now pegged to 119.332 EUR (thanks Ali!)
  • Important improvements to the evaluator related to implicit multiplication between consecutive functions, the order of operations for consecutive exponents, and an issue that could cause an incorrect interpretation of a negative number
Minor Update
  • Soulver's Alfred workflow has been updated with native support for M1 Macs
  • The sheet publishing feature has been removed. It was not very popular, and the on-going costs associated with offering it were hard to justify
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the main sheetbook window would be unnecessarily shown when the app is launched from a .slvr file
  • Fixed a bug where the menu items for center and right text alignment were switched
  • Fixed an issue with lakh and crore in Indian locales (thanks Imthath)
  • Fixed an with sub-second laptime arithmetic (thanks Devin)
  • Fixed a bug with the automatic thousands separator insertion feature for negative numbers with fractions in Western European locales (thanks Ben)
  • Fixed an issue with text being the wrong color in dark mode when typing in Chinese Pinyn (thanks Johnny)
  • Fixed a bug with a variable value being incorrectly interpreted as a date (thanks Jon)
  • Fixed an issue with variable names that partially overlap (thanks Gary)
  • Other minor improvements to Soulver's interface and math engine
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