Soulver 3.4.5
Minor Update
  • Autocomplete for variable names (press escape) can now be used to autocomplete from any character in multi-word variable names (thanks Seth)
  • A 0 dp formatting preference now takes precedence over automatic 2 dp formatting on currency lines (thanks Burhan)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where adding more than two consecutive clock times would result in a clock time, rather than a timespan (thanks AU)
  • Fixed a bug related to numbers in comments affecting clock time addition (thanks AU)
  • Fixed a bug with the atan function & small input values (thanks Antony)
  • Fixed an issue where declaring a variable name with a trailing decimal character did not work correctly
  • Fixed a rare bug where spaces were required around operators to get the expected answer
  • Fixed an issue where lines that included the "days since (date)" function were not being automatically updated when the day changed (thanks Howard).
Soulver 3.4.4
Minor Update
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where implicit multiplication was not working between timespans and rates (thanks Cory)
  • Fixed a bug related to tabs and line wrapping (thanks Burhan)
  • Fixed a bug related to inches & feet formatting (thanks Burhan)
  • Fixed a bug related to duplicating sheets (thanks Jasper)
  • Fixed a bug related to custom units of time in calendar calculations (thanks Jean)
  • Fixed a bug related to immediately deleting a sheet after creation & adding text (thanks Rami)
  • Fixed a bug related to converting a percentage variable to a number (thanks Patrick)
Soulver 3.4.3
Minor Update
  • URLs are now detected in expressions
  • Minor visual improvements to the main window & preferences
  • Added a url to append text to an existing sheet ('append-line'. It requires an 'expression' to append, and a sheet 'id')
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with month names alongside negative unit expressions (thanks Chuck!)
  • Fixed an issue with custom temperature units not working correctly (thanks Miklos!)
  • Fixed an issue with date/time interval calculations after a label (thanks Samat!)
  • Fixed an issue with URLs in comments being incorrectly "beautified" (thanks Christian!)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the QuickSoulver menu bar button from being moved via command-click + drag (thanks Ben!)
  • Fixed a crash related to undo in QuickSoulver (thanks Sebastián!)
  • Fixed an issue with % after a parenthesized expression incorrectly converting to a percent rather than simply applying the percent(thanks Nik!)
  • Fixed an issue with line references in slash comments not appearing correctly when printed
  • Fixed an issue where dates with no year specified would sometimes be interpretted as next year instead of this year
Soulver 3.4.2
Minor Update
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug related to using rounding functions with rates
  • Fixed an issue related to re-evaluating lines that depend on a variable, after that variable is deleted and then recreated
Soulver 3.4.1
Minor Update
Calendar Calculations
New calendar calculation phrases for getting points in time in the past:
  • "3 days before March 12", "3 weeks before today"
  • "3 weeks ago", "3 hours 15 minutes ago"
Other Improvements
  • Function phrases are now case-insensitive
  • You can now use time units other than years in financial functions
  • You can now convert booleans to numbers ("true as number" (= 1), "false as number" (= 0))
  • Common dollar prefixes are now supported as currency aliases (US$, NZ$, C$, A$, S$, NT$, HK$)
  • Added a simplified Chinese localization (thanks Adam!)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with variables not being recognized as part of financial phrase functions
  • Fixed an issue with date interval calculations that span multiple months
  • Fixed an issue with "Open Quickly" & long sheets not being correctly indexed
Soulver 3.4.0
Major Update
Financial functions
  • 10 new functions for doing common financial calculations, for example:
  • Compound interest: "$5,000 after 10 years at 5%" (= $8,144.47)
  • Monthly/annual/total mortgage payments: "monthly repayment on $10,000 for 6 years at 6%" (= $165.73)
  • Monthly/annual/total interest: "monthly interest on $10,000 for 6 years at 6%" (= $26.84)
  • Return on investment: "$500 invested $1,500 returned" (= 2x)
  • Annual return on investment: "annual return on $1,000 invested $2,500 returned after 7 years" (= 13.99%)
  • Present value of money: "present value of $1,000 after 20 years at 10%" (= $148.64)
Sheets & Search
  • Quickly open sheets or folders via a Spotlight search from within Soulver using "Open Quickly" (Command-Shift-O)
  • Added keystrokes to switch to the next/previous sheet in the sidebar
  • Lines that form parts of a calculation on a subsequent line are now excluded from the quick total (i.e variable declarations, and lines referenced by line references)
  • Added "count as another quick statistic option (accessible by control-clicking on the quick total)
  • If VoiceOver is enabled, it will now be read out the answer automatically after you stop typing
  • Control the delay or disable this feature from the Accessibility window (under Soulver > Integrations > Accessibility)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where timespans (between two dates) & plain units of time were not totalling
  • Fixed a bug with multi-word variables not being recognised when another variable already exists with a partial match
  • Fixed a bug where date words (like "today") after slash comments could affect the answer
  • Fixed an issue where adding up rates would not display in terms of the larger of the units used
Soulver 3.3.1
Minor Update
Time zones
  • You can now use country names in time zone conversions (like "10am France to Japan", "time in New Zealand")
  • For countries that span multiple time zones, the time zone of the country's capital city will be used
Bug fixes
  • This update fixes some miscellaneous bugs introduced in 3.3
Soulver 3.3.0
Major Update
Soulver has become even more useful in this release, with the addition of time zone conversions (by city or code), laptime support (HH:MM:SS), random number generation & if statements. This update also introduces "QuickSoulver" for doing quick calculations in Soulver, or anywhere in the system (via the menu bar, or global hotkey).
  • Perform "throwaway" calculations in a Spotlight-like interface
  • QuickSoulver floats above other windows, so you can use it from anywhere in macOS
  • Access QuickSoulver from the menu bar (enable this in the QuickSoulver preference pane)
  • Global hotkey (set the hotkey in the QuickSoulver preference pane)
  • ⌘C (with no selection) copies the current line's answer & dismisses
  • ⌘S saves as a new sheet
Time zone conversions
  • Convert times between time zones using city names or standard 3 or 4 letter codes (e.g "6pm Sydney to Chicago", "2am PST to GMT")
  • Added functions for getting the current time in a time zone: "Time in AEST", "PDT time", "Paris time", "Time in Tokyo"
  • Added a function for getting the time difference between time zones: "time difference between Seattle and Moscow"
  • 61 time zone codes & 500 city names are supported
  • No internet connection required
  • Do calculations in 'laptimes' (time in the format HH:MM:SS). I.e "03:45:32 + 01:22:19" (= 05:07:51).
  • Laptimes can also be converted to/from regular units of time, and timespans.
  • Milliseconds (after a final dot) can be omitted. Hours and minutes must still be specified (e.g 32 seconds will be '00:00:32'). This is necessary to distinguish a lap time from a clock time.
Random numbers
  • New random number generating function: "random number between 1 and 10" to select a random integer in the given range
  • To generate a random floating point number, do: "random number between 0 and 1" (the answer will be something like 0.1273981722)
  • Added a multiplier specifier (e.g "4/2 as multiplier" = 2x)
ISO8601 date formatting
  • Added an ISO8601 specifier for dates and timestamps (e.g "1583398800 as iso8601" = 2020-03-05T09:00:00Z)
If statements
  • Added conditionals to Soulver. The syntax is "if x then y else z". The else component is optional. See the online documentation for more detailed examples.
  • Added standard comparison operators (==, !=, <, >, <=, >=) and a boolean type ('true' or 'false')
Files & sheets
  • Making a new Soulver file no longer requires the file to be saved to disk before editing
  • You can now open Soulver 2 files using the Open dialog (⌘O). As a result the import menu item has been been removed. You still import from the Open dialog, by clicking "Options" and ticking the checkbox
  • When totalling lines with incompatible types, the bottom-most summable lines will be added and shown in the final total
  • The quick total now respects your chosen font, rather than using the system font
URL Schemes
  • Added a new URL to open a specific sheet. To make a URL for opening a sheet, control-click on the sheet in the sidebar, and choose "Copy Link", or from the "Sheet" menu.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that broke variable peeking (holding down shift and hovering over a variable to see its value on that line)
  • Fixed a multi-line text editing bug, where a phantom answer could remain on an emptied line (thanks Tim!)
  • Mod now works with numbers with units too
  • Improvements to the Russian & German localizations (thanks Michael & Matthias!)
Soulver 3.2.3
Minor improvements:
  • You can now omit the "to/as" in unit conversions. I.e: "10 USD CAD" will now work
  • In addition & subtraction with mixed units, where the units share a common base unit, the answer will now be in terms of the larger unit rather than the last unit. I.e "10 km + 100 m" (= 10.1 km)
  • Added support for numbers in scientific notation "e" syntax . I.e: "1e3" (= 1,000)
Bug fixes:
This version fixes the following issues:
  • A bug where the results of certain feet/inch calculations were being formatted incorrectly
  • A bug where you could not successfully enter dot separated dates with the Western European region settings, while automatic thousands separator insertion was enabled
  • A bug where variables with units were not being recognized in certain phrase functions
  • An issue that affected currencies expressed with both a symbol and a code (i.e '$100 USD', where $ could refer to another currency in your region, like AUD/CAD/NZD)
  • An issue where variable declarations with units of currency will no longer be rounded to 2 dp
Soulver 3.2.2
Minor Update
  • Added a German localization (thanks Matthias!)
  • Added a Russian localization
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for the last reference on a line to not render correctly
  • Fixed an order of operations issue were additional brackets were required around some expressions involving exponents
  • Fixed an issue with the command-line interface where currency rates were not working in multi-line expressions
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating sheets
  • Fixed an issue where headings with multiple # characters were not being formatted correctly in styled output
  • Fixed some issues related to math involving unix timestamps or timespans with decimal numbers
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