Soulver 3.1.2
Minor Update
The primary focus of this update is ensuring sheetbook files work correctly in synced folders, like Dropbox and iCloud Drive.
Critical bug fixes:
  • An issue where storing a sheetbook in a synced folder (like Dropbox or iCloud) could lead to data loss
  • An issue where a calculation might be lost from a sheet when quitting Soulver immediately after typing it
Interface-related fixes:
  • A bug where dragging out numbers from the answer column into the text area did not always work correctly
  • A bug where the line badges were unreadable at small fonts.
  • A bug where the vertical divider line could be out of place in the quick reference when using a mouse rather than a trackpad
  • A bug where the hide total button did not work if the text area did not have focus
  • A visual bug where the delete sheet button could overlap the title of the sheet
  • Some visual bugs with the “Tweak Engine” pane when resized.
Math engine fixes:
  • A bug with percentage functions that returned percentages would not work correctly when in brackets
  • A bug where headings that included variable declarations would have answers displayed in the answer column
  • An issue where the answer would be displayed in hertz when multiplying a number by rate of time
  • A crash due to multiple units consecutive units on a single line separated only by spaces
Other improvements:
  • A sheetbook recovery feature will now help you recover from a backup if Soulver cannot read your sheets
  • Your chosen font size now applies during printing
  • Added an “Internet Access Policy” file to Soulver that provides information on the various internet services used by Soulver (like for currency rate refreshes). This information used by apps like “Little Snitch”, which help you make an informed decision on which outgoing connections should be allowed