Soulver 3.1.3
Minor Update
The primary focus of this update is interface improvements.
Interface Improvements:
  • Page up/page down, dragging selections, and 'Select All' in the text editor scroll correctly
  • Smaller minimum window size
  • Other misc interface improvements
Bug fixes:
  • An issue where "-0" was being displayed instead of 0 in some rare cases
  • An issue with a division after a slash-formatted datestamp not working correctly
  • An issue with capitalized units of time in calendar calculations
  • An issue with currencies prefixed with the currency symbol (like USD200) in conversions
  • An issue with URLs in comments in variable declarations
  • An issue with the Quicklook preview in Finder for .slvr files not working
  • An issue with commenting multiple lines at once
  • An issue with the floating total updating in response to lines that relied on variable definitions
  • An issue where pressing return on a subtotal line would move the subtotal down, rather than adding a line
  • A crash that could occur when sheets are being indexed in the background by Spotlight