Soulver 3.4.0
Major Update
Financial functions
  • 10 new functions for doing common financial calculations, for example:
  • Compound interest: "$5,000 after 10 years at 5%" (= $8,144.47)
  • Monthly/annual/total mortgage payments: "monthly repayment on $10,000 for 6 years at 6%" (= $165.73)
  • Monthly/annual/total interest: "monthly interest on $10,000 for 6 years at 6%" (= $26.84)
  • Return on investment: "$500 invested $1,500 returned" (= 2x)
  • Annual return on investment: "annual return on $1,000 invested $2,500 returned after 7 years" (= 13.99%)
  • Present value of money: "present value of $1,000 after 20 years at 10%" (= $148.64)
Sheets & Search
  • Quickly open sheets or folders via a Spotlight search from within Soulver using "Open Quickly" (Command-Shift-O)
  • Added keystrokes to switch to the next/previous sheet in the sidebar
  • Lines that form parts of a calculation on a subsequent line are now excluded from the quick total (i.e variable declarations, and lines referenced by line references)
  • Added "count as another quick statistic option (accessible by control-clicking on the quick total)
  • If VoiceOver is enabled, it will now be read out the answer automatically after you stop typing
  • Control the delay or disable this feature from the Accessibility window (under Soulver > Integrations > Accessibility)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where timespans (between two dates) & plain units of time were not totalling
  • Fixed a bug with multi-word variables not being recognised when another variable already exists with a partial match
  • Fixed a bug where date words (like "today") after slash comments could affect the answer
  • Fixed an issue where adding up rates would not display in terms of the larger of the units used