Major Update

Soulver 3.5

This is a major update that includes 20+ new features and improvements, and a new icon for Big Sur.
Live & Historical Stock Prices
  • Use live stock tickers in calculations: "10 AAPL", "TSLA × 30"
  • Do historical stock price queries: "10 AAPL on January 9, 2007"
  • You can also do historical queries for the actual (non-adjusted) closing price, and trading volume: "FB close on September 3, 2015", "AMZN volume on March 24, 2009"
  • Prices are included for 8 popular tech companies: Apple (AAPL), Facebook (FB), Alphabet (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), Netflix (NFLX), AirBnB (ABNB), and Tesla (TSLA)
  • (App Store only) Subscribe to Soulver Stocks for access to 150k+ stock tickers across 70+ exchanges. Future iPhone & iPad versions of Soulver will also support this service
Historical Currency Conversions
  • Support for historical currency conversions: "1 BTC in USD on March 8, 2019", "30 EUR to USD one year ago"
  • Historical currency rates are available for all real-world currencies, back to 1999
  • Rates are also available for Bitcoin (back to 2013)
Text Editor
  • Align lines left, center, or right using the Format menu
  • Additional font sizes, now up to a maximum of 72pt
  • Scroll position is now retained when switching between sheets
  • System dictation is now supported in the main text editor (thanks Keith!)
Sheets & Sheetbooks
  • You can now open a sheetbook file (either from the Open dialog, or from Finder). Only one sheetbook can be edited at a time
  • New, leaner sheetbook file format
  • Sheetbooks created with previous versions of Soulver 3 will be automatically upgraded to the new format and will not be readable by previous versions of Soulver 3
  • Option to hide comments (//) & heading indicators (#) from exported/printed sheets
  • Exported/printed sheets now respect heading & label colors
  • Numerous styling improvements to exported/printed sheets
  • The "Tweak Engine" sheet been unified into the preferences in a "Calculator" preferences pane
  • Added a new preference to choose what happens when ⌘N is typed: create a new sheet in the sheetbook (optionally in a new window), or a new file in Finder
  • Improved Header styling window
Cooking Calculations / Density Conversions
  • Volume to mass conversions for 200+ substances: "250 grams butter in cups", "10 liters olive oil in kg"
  • Density of substance function: "density of white wine", "density of egg yolk"
Hexadecimal & Binary
  • Convert between decimal, hex or hexadecimal (0x) and binary (0b): "35 in binary", "119 to hex", "0b01010 to decimal", "0xF34 to binary"
Other Calculator Improvements
  • Public holidays in your country are taken into account when doing business/working day calculations
  • Support for combined phrasal functions: "half of half of 30% of 90"
  • Support for number words: "five minus three", "five hundred thirty three + two hundred and twelve", "1.4 million", etc
  • Square root and cube root phrase functions: "square root of 9", "cube root of 27"
  • Logarithm function with any base: "log 50 base 4"
  • Added the option to use monthly rather than annual compounding for compound interest: "30k for 5 years at 4.5% compounding monthly"
  • Scientific notation (rather than SI notation) is now used for numbers larger than a trillion, and smaller than a nano
  • Scientific notation now works with numbers that contain decimal points: "3e5.5"
  • Other misc. improvements