Soulver 3.5.7 (App Store) / 3.5.8 (direct)
Minor Update
  • Soulver's Alfred workflow has been updated with native support for M1 Macs
  • The sheet publishing feature has been removed. It was not very popular, and the on-going costs associated with offering it were hard to justify
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where the main sheetbook window would be unnecessarily shown when the app is launched from a .slvr file
  • Fixed a bug where the menu items for center and right text alignment were switched
  • Fixed an issue with lakh and crore in Indian locales (thanks Imthath)
  • Fixed an with sub-second laptime arithmetic (thanks Devin)
  • Fixed a bug with the automatic thousands separator insertion feature for negative numbers with fractions in Western European locales (thanks Ben)
  • Fixed an issue with text being the wrong color in dark mode when typing in Chinese Pinyn (thanks Johnny)
  • Fixed a bug with a variable value being incorrectly interpreted as a date (thanks Jon)
  • Fixed an issue with variable names that partially overlap (thanks Gary)
  • Other minor improvements to Soulver's interface and math engine