Hey! Firstly, thanks for implementing binary and hexadecimal support in version 3.5!
This feature request sorta builds the linked post above, but warranted its own thread (also so you can gauge interest—it’s possible not many other people want what I want).
I’d be really keen to see support for:
  • support for fractional parts (as 3.5 “only” supports integers in binary and hex), and
  • arbitrary bases (within reason, say, up to base 36).
Fractional parts
My guess is that this would be the simpler of the two, e.g.:
9.75 in binary | 0b1001.11
0b1110.101 in decimal | 14.625
0xA.10B in binary | 0b1010.000100001011
0b101.1111100101 in hex | 0x5.F94
Arbitrary bases
I don’t know if there are equivalent prefixes like
for other bases (I would presume not?), so maybe this might be trickier. At the risk of introducing too much complexity, here’s how I imagine the notation/syntax
14 in base 3 | 112_3
convert 8 to base 7 | 11_7
BE7_16 to binary | 100111100111_2
51.4_8 to base 10 | 41.5