In the current app, we can press shift and hover over a declared variable which provides a pop down with its value.
What if we can press another modifier key like Command (⌘) (just suggesting an other key apart from shift because shift already gives us value reference of that variable) and when hovered over a declared variable will give us a pop-down with the label name under which that variable is declared.(This applies only if the variable is declared under a label name to categories)
In a lengthy sheet or code, this feature will help recognising the category of variable under which it was declared without the need to find that variable declaration in the sheet.
In the attached screenshot though I can take a look at variable value by pressing shift but cannot get a view of the label under which this variable is declared. My perspective towards this is, we should be able to know everything about the declared variable without the need to scroll up or down the sheet to find that variable.